Nokia Aura MeeGo phone prototype

Nokia Aura MeeGo phone prototype

Nokia Aura is concept phone with MeeGo OS packing a 4 inch touch screen display, a slim case and a 12MP camera with Xenon flash, plus HDMI. Nokia Aura’s body is made out of aluminum, for a lighter handset and a more quality feel to it. The rest of the devices specifications  include a microSD card slot, a 3.5mm audio jack,  and a microUSB connector. Phone is bigger than N8 and has futuristic design.

Did you expected N900 successor like this? Leave your comments below.


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  1. HuuDuc says:

    Very beautyful device prototype phone with meego OS. Wait n See :=

  2. Robert Micallef says:

    This is a nice concept. But for me a QWERTY keyboard is a must. And if there was anyway to implement a resistive multitouch screen, it would be better than a capacitive one. I quite liked the fact that I don’t always have to zoom in on websites with the N900, and can just use the stylus for small links.

  3. Markus says:

    Did you expected N900 successor like this?


    A successor would have a full QWERTZ!
    A successor would have 1024 x 480 pixel resolution
    A successor would have at least 1,5 Ghz
    A sussessor would have Flash 10.1 on it

    Then it’s a dream come true for a happy N900 user.

    Every thing else is something else.


  4. Mathias Picker says:

    I wouldn’t buy it, since it has no keyboard. The big screen is good, the N900 screen is too small to read many PDFs.

    Otherwise I care more about inner values: 1Gb RAM, 64Gb internal flash/ssd, and the same great multitasking ui the N900 has.

  5. Elanzer says:

    No keyboard, no care

  6. josef says:

    man!!! its gotta have a gr8 UI… and also a lot of apps(games, utilities,etc) should b made available for this… only then this can survive in d market, if ever it comes out… also its gotta have a powerful processor…

  7. Paul says:

    I think nokia should come up a with a phone fast if they want to compete agianst iphone and Android and not wait till summer!

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