Differnce Between MeeGo and Android

Differnce Between MeeGo and Android

Releases :
MeeGo : As an open source software platform, MeeGo will help to reduce market fragmentation and complexity, while helping to accelerate industry innovation and time-to-market for a wealth of new Internet-based applications, services and user experiences.
Android : Created market fragmentation. Frequent code releases force to upgrade the devices frequently Difference
between two releases is enormous. Software maintenance is complex in developer’s point of view

License :
MeeGo :Fully open source
Android : Consists of Apache, BSD, Open source License: Android is going to be established as a “middle ground” in the openness spectrum: more open than proprietary competitors (iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, WebOS, etc.) and possibly less open than others (MeeGo, Symbian)

Architecture :
MeeGo : Does not use virtual Machine. Each application is a process.
Android :Use Dalvik Virtual Machine. Each application runs in its own instance of Virtual Machine. It takes a considerable files to load the huge .jar files.

App development :
MeeGo : It’s easy as it supports libc.
Android : Android use very scaled down version of libc i.e. Bionic also the thread library support is very limited.

Maintenance :
MeeGo :As its maintained by Linux foundation and supports upstream components, the maintenance is easy for the components.
Android :Maintaining the additional drivers and enhancement like binder driver, low memory killer, Logger, kernel Debugger, Ashmem, Alarm, Power management is uncertain. Kernel is patched for enhancement to support Android.

Hardware support :
MeeGo : New player in the market. Will have more support in future apart from Intel and Arm.
Android : Has good support for hardware.

OEM Companies involved:
Android : Intel, ARM, Marvell, Qualcomm, Nvidia, Texas Instruments,Broadcom, NXP, PacketVideo, Google, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Ericsson, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, Garmin (and more)
MeeGo : Intel, Nokia, AMD

Products released:
Android : more than 200
MeeGo : 0, for now ;)

Technologies used:
Android : mostly proprietary
MeeGo : mostly shared with FOSS community

Using Linux?:
Android : kind of a fork
MeeGo : yes, close to upstream

Programming Languages Used:
Android : Java/J2Me(Java based uses Dalvik Machine as JVM and also Suports native coding via NDK)
MeeGo : C++(QT Based)

NOTE: All information presented here is prepared by combining all the info present in the MailArchive


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