Nokia N900 external battery review from Mugen

Nokia N900 external battery review from Mugen

When it comes to battery life in today’s modern smartphones, running big screens, powerful processors, and modern games fails to satisfy most people. Most modern smartphones, like the N900, have high-capacity batteries, holding more than 1000mAh. However, that is not enough. So, we decided to test external batteries for all those who need extra juice in their battery life.

External batteries being used by an increasing number of people; especially people who travel a lot and don’t have electricity to charge phone.

Mugen Power Batteries provided us with an External battery for the N900, so we could review it and compare it with original BL-5J Nokia battery.

What will you get?

With the external Mugen Power Battery, you will get a replacement battery door which will add 7mm thickness to the N900, so the phone will be 25mm with this battery. The battery door has built-in hole for the phone’s camera and a dual-LED flash. It is easy to remove and has easy access to the MicroSD memory card slot. However, one thing we will miss from the original Nokia battery door is the affordable kickstand.

Because there is no camera lens cover on this Mugen replacement, to turn camera on and off, you must use a small sliding button which makes a sound when sacking the phone.

Now lets talk about battery power. Will this battery last longen than original BL-5J battery? The simple answer is yes.

The Nokia BL-5J battery is 1320mAh, while Mugen’s external battery is 2400Ah. That is almost double of the BL-5J capacity.

Here is test results:

Mugen’s power battery will last 7-8 days in stand-by mode, and last about 2 days of heavy usage. That means 1 hour of talk time, 30 messages, 2 hours of playing angry birds, and 2 hours of browsing the web. The standard Nokia BL-5J will last 4-5 days in stand-by, and last about 1 day of heavy usage, which makes Mugen external battery capable of doing twice better than the BL-5J battery.

We must say that we are surprised Mugen’s battery lasted twice longer. But after 1 month of using that battery, we charged the N900 only four times. Bigger capacity requires longer charging time. The Mugen needs 5 hours to fully charge, compared to 2-3 hours on the BL-5J.

Where to buy?

If you are interested in getting a Mugen battery for yourself, you can get it from Amazon or at Mugen Power’s website for $96.95, with free worldwide shipping.

And here is video so you can see how N900 looks with the replacement battery cover. 


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