Nokia N950 first MeeGo smartphone

Nokia N950 first MeeGo smartphone

There are a lot of news on MeeGo in frequent intervals for quite a while now. Nokia CTO Rich Green said at the Nokia Developer Day last week that the first MeeGo device from Nokia, which will succeed the N900, will be named N950 and it’s set to launch later in 2011.

No images of the device were shown, and Green did not go into detail describing the design or functionality of the device. “There’s a lot of work that’s gone into the technology,” he suggested, “there’s a lot of really interesting user interface and platform design work, some very elegant hardware.”

Green also suggested that the N950 should be considered a “development platform” – rather than, we’re assuming, a mainstream, user-ready smartphone – for code work on MeeGo, which Nokia has reclassified as a test bed for “future disruption” in mobile ecosystems.


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