LG joins MeeGo

LG joins MeeGo

MeeGo gets more and more support for technology companies. Nokia, one of the biggest advocates of MeeGo (which created MeeGo in collaboration with Intel) earlier this year withdrew from the operating system after partnership with Microsoft.

But other companies continue to develop, among the last to join MeeGo development team is LG. South Korean company plans to assist in the development version MeeGo for mobile devices, in collaboration with companies like ZTE and China Mobile. LG currently has no plans to create mobile phones based on this operating system, but intends to use MeeGo in multimedia systems for cars.

Valtteri Halla, a member of the technical team within the development group MeeGo, reports great progress in the development. John Strand, director of consulting firm Strand Consult, believes MeeGo has the potential to seriously compete with mobile operating systems from Google and Microsoft.


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