Nokia Connection to take off tomorrow, N9 to be announced

Nokia Connection to take off tomorrow, N9 to be announced

With pressure reaching the breaking point, Nokia will hope to please the market once again with the launch of the much awaited N9 and lots of other devices.

Playing smart, Nokia is heading towards increasing its brand width with new products coming in the market. With competition reaching the new levels of intensity, Nokia has not been able to maintain the pace. Things don’t seem to go well for the lavishly rewarded company of the past and Nokia will try to put the best cards in the suit to take the lead once again before it vanishes in air.

Stephen Elop, the man on a mission for Nokia will be present to take the charge of the event and channel his energies into the expansion plans with several launches. The CEO along with several VPs will make sure that the launch of the mobile devices would stop the company from bleeding anymore.

NOKIA N9 Drama to unfold
If any product will take over the stage, it has to be the N9 which appeared on the official website of Nokia Vietnam. Codenamed as Lannku, it has leaked a number of times but it appeared for a while today.

Nokia N9, codenamed Lannku

Timings of the event
The event will start at sharp 10 am, local time Singapore which means that the following international times would follow:

10:00pm New York time, June 20
03:00am London time, June 21
07.30am Delhi time, June 21

Speculations about more Nokia products and Services
Yeah, you could also see a lot more products in the event like the E7-03 which is similar to N8 with a 8 MP camera, the MeeGo-based N950 with hardware QWERTY keyboard, 720T (Asian E6), 602T (Asian C7), 601T (Asian C6-01), N8-01 which is a real steel successor of N8,the C2-02 and C2-06 Touch and Type sliders, and a number of new models like X2-02, X2-03 and X2-05, C2-03, C2-05, C2-07, C2-08, C2-09, C3-03.

You might also witness the much hyped Nokia tablet (Z500) and the gigantic models like the N9 and the WP7 handsets under the Nokia S models. There could also be two Windows phone 7 devices – W7-00 (with QWERTY keyboard) and W8-00(with distinguishing camera). With Nokia World event later this year, Nokia would certainly save something special for it. So keep your fingers crossed with only a few hours to go. Never believe on rumors and don’t miss the history in making at 10 am sharp.


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