New Nokia N9 navigation: Drive and Maps

New Nokia N9 navigation: Drive and Maps

With N9 Nokia also announced new navigation application for N9, to be precise two of them, depending on what you need. New navigation apps are not copy of Maps on Symbian phones, so Nokia made intuitive experience for car drivers, to encourage them to use their phone for navigation. Like we said N9 navigation is divided in two separate apps – Drive and Maps.

Drive navigation for N9

Drive application is just like a regular car satnav, in the new slimmed down and refined design with big buttons on the screen so drive can easily view things while Maps application is suited for walking, or for working out how to get to a place before you leave home.

Matthias Mohlig, who led R&D for Drive explains:

Maps is about finding places to go. Drive is about finding where you are and taking you to where you need to be.


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  1. Tessa Steingart says:

    but does it have voice guiding????

    any link to any video??????

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