Nokia N900 Camera and Video review

Nokia N900 CAMERA review

Nokia N900 camera 1 N900 camera mode 2

The new and stylish N900 comes with a built in 5MP camera along with a Carl Zeiss optical lens. The resolution supported is 2576 x 1936 pixels. After hearing all of this, you might have jumped to the conclusion that it would certainly give a very good result. Unfortunately though, this is not the case. It gives very disappointing results even in clear field pictures like green grasses. We are not saying that it is absolutely worthless. Its just that it does not match up with other 5MP phone camera categories. It also comes bundled with a dual LED flash light at its back, but yet again, just like so many of its impressive looking features, its performance too is not up to the mark with the market standards for such high end phones.
Nokia N900 capture settings 4

The interface too is highly primitive. It provides only a handful of options. One could change the ISO sensitivity, the white balance, optimize the flash or control the exposure settings. This one is advised not to keep very expectations from the phone. It also provides you dedicated modes for sports, landscape, portrait etc. It does give you a number of options, but again the quality itself is not worth mentioning. It provides you with 2 different images sizes namely 3 MP and 5 MP.

Nokia N900 flash 5

When we come to the quality of the image taken, then all is not well. The colors are good, display crisp and vibrant. The details are also very good. But it is the noise factor that kills it completely. The noise in the picture is excessive so much so that even the sky can not be imaged properly. Since the display of the phone itself is superb and flawless, it is logical to put the blame on the camera, which appears below the acceptable market standards. It is almost as if one has been pushed back in to the early camera phone eras.

Nokia N900 Camera samples; click to enlarge

Nokia N900 camera sample 1 Nokia N900 camera sample 2 Nokia N900 camera sample 4 Nokia N900 camera sample 5 Nokia N900 camera sample 6 Nokia N900 camera sample 7 Nokia N900 camera sample 8 Nokia N900 camera sample 9 Nokia N900 camera sample 10 Nokia N900 camera sample 11 Nokia N900 camera sample 13 Nokia N900 camera sample 14

Images taken with full zoom.

Nokia N900 camera sample zoom 1 Nokia N900 camera sample zoom 2

Nokia N900 VIDEO review

The still imaging section having disappointed us, we looked forward to get something nice from the video section or the camcorder section. But, yet again we are in for some nice little disappointment. It calls its video mode the ‘automatic mode’ and it comes bundled with only two options – that of modifying the white balance and to control the light exposure settings.

Nokia N900 video Nokia N900 video mode

It comes with a nice WVGA resolution of 848×480 and also boasts of recording your videos at an impressive 24 frames per second. But all of this is only good in black and white. Practically the video produced, especially in the first few seconds is very choppy and shabby. Apart from the recording itself, even the compression algorithms applied are not very impressive and affect the quality of the videos greatly.

Nokia N900 Video samples

For more videos go to MaemoCommunity Youtube channel

Overall the N900 is a pretty impressive phone. But do not go by its glitzy features because they are alluring yet deceptive. The performance in the imaging and video section is definitely not up to the mark. It could be a real turn off for the buyers.


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