N9 MeeGo Harmattan homescreen in landscape

N9 MeeGo Harmattan homescreen in landscape

Although the chief objective of N9 MeeGo-Harmattan was single handed use, it has somehow failed on the grounds of lacking a proper landscape orientation. This is clear from the early demonstrations of the model. On the other hand, the main application launcher is the feature to look for. The comparison between its Yum icons (21 in landscape and 24 in portrait) and the measly 12 in Symbian model is irresistible without doubt, though you may find it out of point. The 3.5″ Maemo 5 N900 is much space efficient, which is adhere from the fact that it can assimilate around 20 icons in a single page. So there is no question of screen size being insufficient.

Moreover there are around 24 fantastic applications in the portrait view. The various icons have been incorporated from several different devices. The movement of icons around the grid is causing confusions which could be improved by fixing the icons, allowing only their spot actions. There is a scope for betterment as most of the applications are in a really weird position, making their use difficult for the user. This is due to deficiency of space and may not be possible to alter the situation at once (due to the presence of rectangular space).



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