About Nokia N9 facebook integration

About Nokia N9 facebook integration

You can find a lot of interesting things about N9 at the official Nokia Blog, so today we wanted to point out Facebook integration in N9 for all the Facebook addicts. Here is list of Facebook integrations, so you can stay up to date with your Facebook friends.

  • Your friends are in your address book, including their profile image, correctly merged with any existing information you have for them;
  • Your friends’ latest status updates appear on their address book entries;
  • The bottom section of your notifications screen fills up with your news feed;
  • You can post status messages direct from the home screen;
  • You can Facebook chat through the Messaging app;
  • You can post pictures to your wall direct from the camera;
  • The built-in Facebook app lets you do everything else you might want from the service.


Nokia will also include Twitter, Flickr, Skype, and many other applications preloaded on N9.


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