XBMC controller for MeeGo-Harmattan on Nokia N950

XBMC controller for MeeGo-Harmattan on Nokia N950

It has been proven that Nokia N950 is great piece of software and hardware. What makes Nokia N950 amazing and interesting is which 250 devices are only available, therefore it’s very specific series and which makes all want it even much more. But there’re some lucky peoples who managed to hold N950 set of Nokia in their hands, and some of them were so best to make thirty minutes long preview for MeeGo Harmattan on Nokia N950. Though it’s not the consumer set, it does generate much of what you can get from the upcoming Nokia N9 (optimistically even more polished as we are not sure if the handset developer edition is as update as Nokia N9 – so partly why things look scarcely faster or smoother in Nokia N9 demos). Generally within 30 minutes with the Nokia N950, Milot has developed a XBMC controller.

It works a bit such as Nokia huge screen with the phone used for selection and navigation functions. Milot says which instead of keypad, swiping direction or gestures are used. This is more difficult when you hit no bodily secern-ment between buttons; therefore a sheet for swiping makes easier. Something endlessly modify is the swallow of the nearness device when using a sound call. The sound recording pauses! How amazing is that? You do not want to woman your video, but you do not hit to bother around to concurrence disrupt modify or fix the sound.



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