Anssi Vanjoki about Nokia and Microsoft

Anssi Vanjoki about Nokia and Microsoft

Mtv3.fi took an interview from Anssi Vanjoki, a member of the old guard, asking him questions about his opinion on the new co-operation between Microsoft and Nokia. Here is just a short summary of the interview, the link for which you can see below.

Every person has his own opinion, but I think that WP’s goal isn’t to present new features, but to provide the users with a new smartphone experience that is rapid and eco-friendly.
I won’t exaggerate if I say that Vanjoki’s opinion isn’t impartial as he says that he entirely supports the development of the classic Symbian and MeeGo operating systems, because of Nokia’s expertise in software. Many people would disagree with that since many people think that Nokia just aren’t ready to handle Android tablets and phones. Maybe this is true, but in fact it seems like Android is the OS of the future and Nokia should fix their poor management and start innovating their software.

Vanjoki didn’t skip the new Nokia tune which sounds like modern dubstep, which might be interesting, innovative music and certainly a fresh idea, but this style just isn’t good for a ringtone.

The truth is that Nokia’s future is highly dependent on Microsoft’s progress and they must make sure that the new Wndows Phones and the Windows 8 will be a success. Millions of people are expecting the presentation of the new Metro Windows desktop which will definitely be a revolution and increase the chances of the Windows Phone to be a worthy opponent on the market.

Nokia need to solve their dependency on Microsoft, because it just isn’t good for such a company to be dependent. With or without Microsoft, Nokia must change their company policy and get on top of the market charts.



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