Windows Phone coming to Middle East and Africa

Windows Phone coming to Middle East and Africa

Almost a year has passed since the official release of the first Windows Phone 7 gear and although it has been a rather busy year with the second wave of arriving hardware and the continuing flow out of the Mango. Everyone expects to see various analysis of the market share and sales figure which will summarize Microsoft’s efforts to launch the new OS. It won’t be a surprise if there are people who will see this is as an opportunity to call WP7’s first year a disappointment. However, this can’t be true as this is still a OS in development and by the looks of it – it has just warmed-up. The OS has been out for a year and its reach is still expanding. Microsoft will soon target more users than ever by expanding their sales to the Middle East and Africa.

The phones will be distributed through Brightpoint and the Windows Phone Online Shop which will launch this fall and will be accessible in Turkish, French, Arabic and English. The users will be able to order Windows Phone 7 devices directly from the website. Although we still haven’t heard of any retail sales being planned, Microsoft will probably do this In order to attract more customers in the beginning and spread the word. Microsoft still have a lot of work to do on establishing the Windows Phone as a big name in the branch, but growing new markets will certainly make this task a lot easier.


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