Windows Phone Mango has On-Screen keyboard problems?

Windows Phone Mango has On-Screen keyboard problems?

Mango is quickly spreading itself around the world and more users are installing the latest update to the Windows Phone and in most cases there are no issues with the update. However issues are something normal for smartphone software updates and the most recent problem with the latest Mango update has something to do with the on-screen keyboard.
Apparently many users have noticed a problem with the keyboard – it just declines to work or doesn’t even pop-out. The issue was first spotted last week, but in the past few days more and more people have experienced this problem. Currently, it is unclear what the cause of the problem is, but Microsoft are aware of the situation and have already started working on the issue. At the moment they are gathering information from the users who have experienced keyboard problems and once they nail-down the reason for the issue, an update will be released as soon as possible.


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