First Nokia Windows Phone hardware comming in November

First Nokia Windows Phone hardware comming in November

The first Windows Phone 7 from Nokia are expected to arrive soon and we all hope that this will happen before the end of this year. Later this month the Nokia World convention will take place and there will be a lot of Microsoft personnel speaking and they will probably shed some light on that matter. Recently there was a new leak of information which hopefully means that the first Nokia WP7 hardware might drop this November.

We already heard some names of expected Nokia models like the Sabre and Sea Ray, but this leak doesn’t specify the model in question. The latest leak comes from Italian carrier Tim and according to papers, the company is expecting a shipment of Nokia Mango-running smartphones during November. A specific date and pricing isn’t mentioned, but the news sound promising and hopefully if the November launch information is true, we will see the Nokia phones on the markets all around Europe. There really could be a schedule for a world wide release, but we just can’t be sure about it until we officially hear it from Nokia World.


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