Tango And Apollo Bring The New Chassis Specifications

Tango And Apollo Bring The New Chassis Specifications

A year ago the word was waiting the launch of the Windows Phone and by that time Microsoft had unveiled their plans for two screen resolutions and three chassis specifications. The resolutions expected were HVGA (480×320) which as part of the 2nd chassis was never seen on the market. On the other side we have the WVGA which is still used on the Windows Phones.

The latest unconfirmed news are that Microsoft will bring the second and third chassis to the market with the future versions of the Windows Phone. Apollo will present Windows Phone screens with 1280×720 HD resolutions as a part of chassis-three and in the mean time Tango will use the HVGA technology which is a part of chassis-two.

Andre Lee spoke on the matter about dual core processors and LTE and if those technologies will be used in the new Windows Phone. It is expected that Tango will bring LTE to the game and the users will have to wait for Apollo in order to enjoy dual-core chips.

This is certainly a lot of new news and this will raise the expectations about the new version of the Windows Phone which is preparing for its first anniversary, a year in which we saw two big updates – Mango and NoDo. Tango will be the next update and it will help the Windows Phone reach the quality and low price of the Android phones.



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