Is 499 Euros The Price Of The Mysterious Nokia WP7.5?

Is 499 Euros The Price Of The Mysterious Nokia WP7.5?

Millions are expecting the Nokia World 2011 and with just a week remaining to this grand event, more and more rumors and details about the new Nokia Windows Phone line have appeared. However, there aren’t any new renders, news or leaked videos about the Nokia WP.

The latest information about this line once a gain comes from the list of phones from Itallian carrier Tim. You have probably already heard the rumors about the eventual release of the WP in November, but the list shows something else as well. Some observant people noticed that the phones were arranged by price and judging by the prices of the other phones the mysterious Nokia WP 7.5 will cost around 499 euros.

However, this is just a price and we can’t even say if it seems cheap or expensive, because we have no clued of the phone’s specifications. On the list you can notice Samsung Omnia W which will sell for just 349 euros and this price is much lower than the one of the Nokia WP. This difference in the price can easily make Samsung winners if the phone really has such a low price tag.

Nokia definitely need to make sure that the price of their phone isn’t too big, because a smaller margin will certainly give them a better fighting chance. If it too expensive, then the people might decide to spend their money on something proven like the infamous Android devices.


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