Microsoft Deliver The Mango Update Ahead Of Schedule

Microsoft Deliver The Mango Update Ahead Of Schedule

Mango is the latest update for the Windows Phone and it is also known as version number 7.5. It was first introduced three weeks ago and it brings over 500 new features to the table. Redmond finally decided to start delivering the update to the wide range and hopefully all of you WP users will soon use its new features.

Eric Hautala made an announcement on the Windows Phone Blog declaring that they are releasing the update ahead of schedule, making it available for everyone in the delivery pool. And although this is great news, it doesn’t mean that the update will be completely stable and their might be some issues. For instance the case in France where Microsoft and Orange still work together to prevent the “full throttle” roll-out.

Microsoft declared that the update for some devices is still being tested, but Redmond is completely ready to start delivering the WP 7.5 once testing has finished.


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