Microsoft Research Testing A Holographic Phone?

Microsoft Research Testing A Holographic Phone?

In the past few years Apple are the undisputed leader on the smartphone market and the things they do with touch-based user interfaces are just amazing, but have you ever imagined using a hologram phone and interacting with it? A team at the Microsoft Research labs has created a Holodesk which doesn’t just display 3D holograms, but gives the user the opportunity to interact with them. This happens with the help of Microsoft’s Kinect sensor which detects your hands and all other physical objects near it. It models all the objects in order to calculate the way they interact with the holographic objects. Another camera follows the user’s eye and adjusts the perspective of the 3D hologram so that they appear properly according to the user’s view angle. The video shows how the user interacts with the Holodesk right at the 2:40 mark.


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  1. Karthi says:

    I want to buy it pls send me one it’s cost & were can I buy it
    Send me the details

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