Tango And Apollo Will Offer The Long Waited New Resolutions?

Tango And Apollo Will Offer The Long Waited New Resolutions?

Recently we heard some rumors about the three chassis requirements for Windows Phone, but there is some logic in those rumors. As you know Chassis 1 is already released, but we are yet to see Chassis 2 and 3. Back in February Andy Lees spoke on that matter and his words show that Microsoft were focused on Chassis 1

“We haven’t announced any details on when that form factor is coming out. We are seeing is more interest in larger screens as opposed to smaller screens…but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to do it but we haven’t announced anything yet.”

MS Nerd is one of the people who gets some inner information from Microsoft and he released some of the supposed details about the new chassis. The Chassis 1.5 will add a Cortex A8, front facing camera and gyroscope. Chassis 2 which will be released in early 2012 will work under a 480×320 resolution in the Tango release. Chassis 3 is the most powerful and will introduce dual core CPUs and a 1280×720 resolution, but this will happen in late 2012, when supposedly Apollo (or Windows Phone 8) will be released.

Now MS nerd, who often gets some good information, has leaked some supposed details. For one, adding Qualcomm’s Scorpion CPU (Cortex A8), gyroscope and front facing camera constitutes Chassis 1.5. Chassis 2, long thought to be the front-qwerty/BlackBerry style device, will reportedly offer 480×320 resolution in the “Tango” release as well as LTE support, sometime in early 2012. Finally, Chassis 3 will add dual core CPUs as well as 1280×720 resolution, but not until Windows Phone 8 aka “Apollo” sometime in late 2012.

Chassis 1.5 (“Mango”) – Scorpion CPU, front-facing camera, gyroscope
Chassis 2 (“Tango”) – 480×320 BlackBerry style design, LTE support
Chassis 3 (“Apollo”) – 1280×720 resolution, dual core CPUs

If you follow the WP Scene you probably remember Lees speech about LTE and dual core support and it seems like those two functions are planned so there might be true in MS nerd’s information.


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