First Camera Photos Of The Nokia 800 Found

First Camera Photos Of The Nokia 800 Found

With the Nokia World event closing in more and more users are getting anxious to find more information about the phones to be announced there. A user reported that he found some photos which were uploaded by the Nokia Lumia 800. Apparently the EXIF information of the photo contained the word Lumia so it makes sense that the photo was taken by that phone.

The first photo was found via a twitter application and by this photo we find that the phone’s lens aperture is f/2.2 (the same as the Nokia N9).

The second and third photos were found on Flickr and their EXIF information also contains “Nokia Lumia 800”. The EXIF also reveals that the phone runs the new Windows Phone 7.5, but this info was already published a couple of days ago.

So here is what we know for the Nokia Lumia 800 so far – it runs Windows Phone 7.5, it’ll most likely be presented at Nokia World this Wednesday, it has a similar look to the Nokia N9, but has the extra camera button.


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