Windows Phone 7.5 Start Screen Capabilities

Windows Phone 7.5 Start Screen Capabilities

The Windows Phone 7.5 coming and everything points out that application developers will have complete freedom to pin any content directly to the device’s start screen. The operating itself will also offer numerous pinning options for the start screen unlike the iPhone where you can just pin either web page icons or app icons. The Android gives you a bit more freedom and you can pin web page shortcuts, app icons, widget apps and contacts.

With Windows Phone 7.5, just within the operating system, you can pin apps, contacts, contact groups, email accounts, linked email accounts (unified inboxes), email account subfolders, map locations, music artists, playlists, music albums, videos, movies, TV shows, podcasts, web pages, Excel, Word, PowerPoint documents, OneNote pages, OneNote Notebooks, SkyDrive or SharePoint Libraries, “New Note” button, and photo albums from Facebook, Windows Live, or phone storage.

With the WP 7.5 fan developers will create pinning options for all of their apps and the user will be able to put any content on his start screen. For instance you can pin movies that can be flipped over to show their IMDB ratings and reviews. If you are a fan of the cooking art than you can pin all kinds of receipts and quickly browse through them while thinking of your next meal. This feature can also help you in your job – for instance you can easily follow the latest stock quotes by looking at your phone’s start screen. The possibilities are endless and this will certainly be one of WP7.5’s greatest advantages over the other mobile OS’s.


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