The Pink Nokia 800 Sun Revealed

The Pink Nokia 800 Sun Revealed

The Nokia World event will start in just one day and at it we will see some new WP by Nokia. One of the most expected models seems to be the Nokia 800 Sun (or Lumia) and if you follow our blog you have probably seen the photos we posted couple days ago. However, today we got our eyes on the pink version of this WP Mango smartphone.

Nokia 800 in pink color leaked.

We already know that the Nokia 800 has Nokia N9’s design, but it seems like it has also borrowed its color schemes. The Sun will be available in blue, pink and black and will feature the same non-painted color unibody which is really hard to scratch.

Currently the only visual difference between the Nokia WP and the Nokia N9 are the shutter key and the specific Windows physical buttons which Sun has.

Along with the photos of the pink device we also saw the Nokia World event’s schedule. According to it, visitors will have two chances to test the new mobile products by Nokia.
Currently the Nokia Sabre and the Nokia 800 Sun seem to be the starts of the upcoming show, but we might be surprised by Nokia with the presentation of another, unexpected WP.



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