EA To Offer Exclusive Games For Nokia Windows Phone

EA To Offer Exclusive Games For Nokia Windows Phone

Recent statements by EA show that they will be releasing some games exclusively for the Nokia Windows Phone:

Next, they are going to bring 20 of the world’s best games to Windows Phone for Nokia. “This time, we’ll be designing our games for an awe-inspiring experience on Windows Phone for Nokia,” he said, noting that they plan to publish 10 games from EA as well as games from Chillingo, their indie publishing arm. There will also be seven games from the Hasbro line-up for Nokia users worldwide.
“That’s the best games for free plus exclusive content for Nokia users. It’s a big win for Nokia’s consumers worldwide,” Barry said.

At the moment it seems like that the Nokia Windows Phones are the same as the Nexus line when it comes to applications and features – they get everything first.
The Nokia WP already exclusively got the Nokia Music & Nokia Drive, but they don’t seem as such unique features.
The Nokia WP also got some other improvements exclusively. One of the most noticeable is the improved accuracy of the capacitive keys in order to avoid miss-pressing. However, this improvement will probably be shared with all other WP devices for future models.
Many users might see this is as Nokia forfeiting their advantages, but to tell you the truth, this move by Nokia aims to make the WP platform grow and be desired by as many users as possible. For instance, by making the Nokia Maps available for more devices, Nokia will easily attract more users and therefore the opportunity to make more revenue.


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