Battery Saving Feature For The Nokia Lumia 800

Battery Saving Feature For The Nokia Lumia 800

A new feature was found in the Mango running Nokia Lumia 800. Apparently in the settings tab you can find a feature which allows you to turn a battery saving mode which disables most of the phone’s features and only leaves the basic ones therefore reducing battery usage. This is much similar to Symbian’s battery saver mode.

Taking a look at the photos you’ll see that the feature doesn’t do only that, but also provides detailed information about battery life, life gain (thanks to the saving feature) and the last time the phone was charged. As for the battery – all we can say is that it charges much faster than most smartphones. Here are some of the changes that occur when the battery saving feature is turned on:

  • Emails are moved to manual mode
  • Applications will not run in the background
  • The strange thing is that brightness isn’t reduced and as we know – high brightness equals high battery usage.

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