Nokia Working On An Update To Enable Tethering On The Lumia 800

Nokia Working On An Update To Enable Tethering On The Lumia 800

The Nokia Lumia 800 is probably one of the most discussed phones on the internet at the moment and in the past week two main flaws have been discovered – the lack of 3G tethering and the fact that the phone doesn’t have NFC. Nokia already announced that they are working on fixing one of the problems, an update that enables tethering on their WP devices is being worked on and it is only delayed due to FCC regulations.

Microsoft takes very seriously meeting (and exceeding) the requirements outlined by agencies such as the FCC in the USA. They felt it was really important to fully address the concerns raised by recent FCC regulations before enabling this feature and are optimistic they can deliver on these requirements though a software update and are working diligently on that now.

The lack of NFC is probably because WP doesn’t support it. It seems like Nokia removed the NFC and frontal camera in order to keep the price low, which is one of Nokia and Microsoft’s main goals.

Our ambition is to create the best possible consumer experience, based on the capabilities of the platform and what we believe offers a genuine opportunity to bring value to Nokia users everyday. It is possible to cram a phone with features that users don’t want or use and the end result is a compromise somewhere else, in cost, size or absence of alternative features. For features not currently supported by Windows Phone such as NFC or dual SIM we are working with our partner Microsoft to determine the top priorities for future iterations of the platform.


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