How To: Master Reset For Nokia Windows Phones

How To: Master Reset For Nokia Windows Phones

If you have previously owned phones like the Nokia 5800 and N97 and even some of the devices which run the new S^3 then you probably know that there are certain situations when the only option to debug your phone is to do a hard reset. Doing this isn’t very hard, but has some pretty bad consequences – in most cases you lose all of your phone’s data, but you will also get rid of any software problems. And while this might not be the best solution it is definitely better than trying to reflash your firmware.

NokiaPort.de released a guide on how to hard reset the new Nokia Windows Phones. The method isn’t anything special all you do is simultaneously press the Power, Volume & Camera buttons, wait for the phone to vibrate, release the power button, wait 5 more seconds and release the other two buttons as well and that’s it – your device’s software is just like new.


9 Responses to How To: Master Reset For Nokia Windows Phones

  1. Synetha Gloster says:

    My daughter phone screen has frozen. I tried to reset the phone and I can’t reset it. Please help!!!

  2. Denise says:

    Will this step erase my data?

  3. sipho says:

    I want to reset my nokia zeiss windows 8 phone

  4. Harry says:

    How do you reset the Lumina 530

  5. lisa says:

    Can you please help meh reset my phone I don’t really know how to so I could really use some edvice about how to reset it and It would help meh alot.

  6. kofi says:

    I want to restart my nokia lumia 576

  7. rich says:

    Password reset needed

  8. I am using a nokia windows smart phone,need to resete the nokia account, my email address for my phone is clyde.brown.5@outlook.com you can send me youremail address to me so I can reframe from my problems.

    Thank you ever so much.

  9. shelly says:

    my moms phom
    ne settings some how got stuck on like a person with poor vision ,I WAS TRYING TO FACTORY RESET FOR HER.Can i just set factory reset for her in this matter?

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