Are These Official Images Of A Nokia Lumia 900? [Update: FAKE]

Are These Official Images Of A Nokia Lumia 900? [Update: FAKE]

UPDATE: Sorry guys false alarm, this phone seems to be concept design.

The Nokia World event which was held last month presented us with the first Nokia Windows Phones – The Lumia 710 and 800. There were a lot of rumors about these phones, their specifications and etc, but after their official release there wasn’t any new information about new phones developed by Nokia. However, a couple of weeks ago a specification sheet of a “Nokia Lumia 900” was reportedly leaked, however the information from it seemed too official at the moment and most people didn’t believe it.

Yesterday, we received in our inbox, what seems to be like the first official images of the Nokia 900. However, the sender didn’t seem like a Nokia official so the information isn’t 100% sure yet, but the images do look a bit different from the other Nokia Windows Phones. And although the model isn’t officially confirmed yet we can get some information from the images – if you look below the camera you’ll see that it says “8 megapixel” and there is a dual-led flash as well.

Thanks to anonymous tipster.


2 Responses to Are These Official Images Of A Nokia Lumia 900? [Update: FAKE]

  1. Allan says:

    Hi ! I’m sorry but this is a concept so far : from Yanko Desing, look at Project 3 : http://www.yankodesign.com/2010/12/24/multiple-oss-on-a-smartphone/

    And this is a real nice concept… that I would loved to come true as your untruthful anonymous tipster ;)

  2. James Whatley says:

    Based on the poor industrial design of the device *alone* – I call fakety fake fake.

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