Release Dates For The Cyan & Pink Nokia 800 In The UK

Release Dates For The Cyan & Pink Nokia 800 In The UK

Sources familiar with Nokia’s marketing plans reported that the UK will see the cyan Nokia Lumia 800 no earlier than the first week of December and the pink version certainly won’t be available before Chrstmas.

It was well-known that the cyan Nokia Lumia 800 won’t be sold in the UK on November 16 when the phones officially hit the stores, but thanks to this new information now we know exactly when to wait for the colorful phones.

A trusted source reports that the cyan version will be available two weeks after the official launch of the new phone which is scheduled for November 16. You’ll probably have to wait until 2012 to get your hands on the pink Nokia Lumia 800, so you can remove it from your Christmas present list.

In the beginning of this week Nokia announced that the release of the black Lumia 800 is scheduled for November 16 and it will be available either SIM free or with a contract.



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