New Nokia “Champagne” WP running Tango

New Nokia “Champagne” WP running Tango

The “I’m a WP7!” app often reveals some new names of various phone models. Thanks to it we found out about the release of re-brands like the HTC ultimate or separate series like the Nokia 710 & 800. The program has once again proved to be useful as it showed information about a mysterious Nokia “Champagne” phone.

There hasn’t been any information about such a phone model until October 25 when it was found via “I’m a WP7!” Hopefully more information will be available soon, but don’t celebrate just yet, because this could easily be a Lumia branded for a certain country. However, it would be a good surprise of it is an entirely new phone.

EDIT: It looks like the phone is running OS 7.10.8711 so now we know that it is a Tango-running phone.



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