The Nokia 900 Ace Spotted In A Promo Video

The Nokia 900 Ace Spotted In A Promo Video

An interesting video has been going around the Internet for a while. It is made by a Nokia developer and in it you can see an unannounced Nokia WP. Many believe that this is the Nokia 900 Ace which was leaked before the 2011 Nokia World Event.

The smartphone is much similar with the Nokia 700 which runs Symbian, however, the Ace features a larger screen. It is expected that the screen of the Nokia 900 Ace will be at least 4 inches, maybe more.

In the end this might turn out to be a reference picture and not an actual device, but we will certainly follow this story and inform you with the latest updates. It won’t be a surprise if this is in fact a new Nokia WP, because they need to release at least one more phone which will join the Lumia duo and fight its way to the top of the market charts.

Update: Video is updated with Lumia 800.


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