Nokia Lumia 800 – Handset Of The Year By WhatMobile

Nokia Lumia 800 – Handset Of The Year By WhatMobile

The Nokia Lumia 800 was released just last Wednesday, but Brit magazine What Mobile already gave this phone the Mobile Of The Year title.

The device received this renowned prize thanks to the readers of the magazine which voted it as the best device during October – before the handset was even released.

Richard Melville, editor at What Mobile, said the following about the new Nokia handset:

It’s no secret that Nokia make great phones but with a new Windows Phone Mango operating system, great design and a competitive price, the Lumia 800 feels like real innovation for smartphones and, importantly, one that’s cool enough to attract everyone from gadget geeks to casual, fashion conscious phone users.

The magazine comes out on November 24 and in it you’ll see the winners in all categories of the What Mobile 2011 awards. We admit that the Nokia Lumia 800 is a cool phone, but winning a prize before it’s even released… this doesn’t sound so possible and it won’t be a surprise if the ballot was set up.



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