Will We See A Nokia Windows 8 Tablet In June 2012?

Will We See A Nokia Windows 8 Tablet In June 2012?

Some interesting news regarding Nokia came out in France. Paul Amsellem, head of Nokia’s Gallic outpost, spoke in an interview about Nokia’s goal to regain the market in France. Regaining this market is of vital importance, because more than 60% of French people don’t own a smartphone and this is a huge possibility for Nokia to improve their sales. Amsellem also mentioned the development of a Windows 8 Tablet which be unveiled by Espoo in June 2012, however, he didn’t give out any more info regarding this project. Amsellem also compared Nokia with the BMW 5 series mentioning that Nokia “will soon have a full range with a 7 Series and 3 Series.”. This might be a fancy way of saying that Nokia are soon to release new Windows Phones to accompany the Lumia couple, but that’s just a rumour for now.


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