Five Nokia Lumia Startup Tips & How To’s

Five Nokia Lumia Startup Tips & How To’s

The Nokia Lumia 800 is already available in the shops and if you have already bought this device than you are probably wondering how to get it running in the way you like. Once you have inserted your microSIM card in the top right side of the phone you can power it up. The power button is the third button on the right, right under the volume buttons. Once you have started the phone you’ll have to set-up the date & time. Here are 5 important starter tips for Lumia 800 owners.

1. How to transfer the contacts from another phone to Nokia Lumia
2. Enabling your social network profiles on the Nokia Lumia
3. Configuring your email account on the Nokia Lumia
4. How to use the SkyDrive service on Nokia Lumia
5. How To Personalizing Your Homescreen on Nokia Lumia


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