How to install Debian applications on Nokia N900

If you are using firmware 1.2009.44.1 this Red Pill mode on not available any more. For more details read this.

Here is small tutorial how to install Debian files, .deb, in your Nokia N900. Actually is very easy to do, follow the steps.

1. Go to Applications Manager and then click on Applications catalogues.

N900-app-maneger-home n900-app-home

2. Click on create a new catalog.

3. On Web address field type Matrix. Don’t click Save, click exit.

4. Now you can see the questions Which pill? Press the Red pill.

5. If all is OK you will have new field Install from file in Applications catalog menu.

Please note this in not recommended to do and do this only if you receive .deb files from sources you trust. MaemoCommunity.com is not responsible for damage that my occur.

And here is video showing how to install Debian files.


4 Responses to How to install Debian applications on Nokia N900

  1. edcarsky says:

    thanks for interesting article. i was wondering if you could give me new instructions? my firmware is no longer 1.2009.44.1, updated one. thanks hope you can give me an answer.

  2. hussain mubarak says:

    nothing is happening
    I did it as the instructions says
    I have this update in my N900 3.2010.02-8.003
    I have searched for long time about how to installing Debin files .. and when I finally found it .. its not happening ..!!
    what I need to do ?

    this is my email if some one want to help me

    thank you all

  3. dlfsel;fo;;lsdfkl says:

    i can’t .i followed the instructions.but i can’t find EXIT in step 4

  4. arunrona says:

    after typin matrix n clk on blur section wont give me option of green or red pill mode hlp me…

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