Survey: Nokia’s Lumia Ignored by Most European Until Now

Survey: Nokia’s Lumia Ignored by Most European Until Now

New Nokia Lumia 800 has made only small importance for European market place up till now, concluded in a survey conducted by French firm Exane BNP Paribas.

This brokerage firm anticipates the over sales of Nokia manufactured Lumia, Windows mobile by only about 800,000, considerably lesser as compared to its former 2 million big estimation of sales held by Reuters. Exane BNP Paribas describes that this sales lies between 3.5 to 4 million for earlier version N8 cell phone during its starting times while this was launched.

According to brokerage firm, it is also found in survey that there are 1300 customers in five marketplaces wherever Nokia Lumia 800 has been launched for sale during the opening week of December. It also found only 456 surveyed samples that have shown the plan to purchase the smart cell phone incoming month.

The analyst at BNP Paribas brokerage firm, Alexander Peter describes in investor relation news that only 2.2% of reviewed customers have shown their interest confidently to purchase first new Nokia Windows Smart Phone that is far less than present smash hit, Galaxy S II by Samsung and iPhone 4S by Apple.

In addition to these updates, the French brokerage firm also has lessen its Nokia share’s value by €3.30 as of €3.70 and keep hold of its ranking on stocks. It is declared by Nokia that it is still good with the sales of Nokia Lumia 800 up till now and it has sold a lot in UK following sales in last 3 months.

It has understood that Nokia is pleased with the sales so far of the Lumia 800, and reported that the device sold out in the UK after going on sale there last month. As for as now it is offered in the French, German, Italian, Spanish and the English markets.



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