Microsoft May Buy Nokia: Rumor Only

Microsoft May Buy Nokia: Rumor Only

May Microsoft ready to get Nokia any more? Same kinds of news are spreading during last year and this prospective end of 2011.

Will Microsoft buy Nokia?

At the present it is rumor which has been presenting approximately for a little bit now. And by means of Nokia introducing their foremost Window phone cell phone worldwide, might the much of previous tech “has been”, form some kind of a long term relationship that finish in marriage more willingly than the “buddies by means of interest” item they have going at this time.

So can it be a better deal?

In relation to Slash Gear, Danske Bank, a bank of Denmark has issued a news release in the mean time that anticipates that Nokia can put its big hand of smart phone to Microsoft and following this release, the Nokia share prices where experienced to go up near 3 percent. Though mostly every one is familiar with that Nokia has played a big sale game with Microsoft.
Thought, if this news release is true then this big game can be go forward as soon as upcoming first quarter of 2012.

Nokia future?

It is obvious that Nokia will make some thing big deal quickly, if not, then closure of time will be bad than death, Okey it was over stated but it is vital that Nokia has appropriately join the smart phone marketplace with full passion.
The launch of Nokia Lumia smartphone has been sound established, normally.
By Nokia sound and truthfully on the market test selling its new-fangled Windows Mango cell phone, it partly seems likely to be done about sharing the partition of Smart phone with Microsoft. Other reports also shows that Nokia is about to build new-fangled Windows 8 Tablet.
By the some sundry reports about Lumia and report by Alexander Peter shows that “2.2% of reviewed customers have shown their interest confidently to purchase first new Nokia Windows Smart Phone, may it be superior sale now than previous big one?
But according to bold talk, a declaration from slash gear explained:
We have launched our ride to recover cell phone headship, however we also happy by the precious outcome. The Lumia 800 is making superior footing in mostly al European marketplaces wherever it has previously released. Primary response from Indian, Hong Kong, Russian, Singaporean and Taiwan marketplaces — wherever the Lumia 800 being sold during current week — is very heartening”

So how big it may cost Microsoft to get Nokia?

Talk previous current year nearby to this very matter recommended that this rate of $19 billion had been an approximate outline for Microsoft to getting Nokia’s cell phone partition.
And by the way of Google by now in the practice of get Motorola Mobility might it be an elegant shift or are both businesses remain self-sufficient and working together in the mode they are at the present?


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