Lumia App #12: Sports Tracker for Windows Phone

Lumia App #12: Sports Tracker for Windows Phone

Premium application about sport activites – free Sports Tracker will come to the ground successively while it is launched for the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710. This premium application is offered free of cost in market and its programmers who were primarily programmed this application for Nokia during 2004, now trying to make it prepared for Windows Phone. In this regard, the first step is now completed making possible to track the aspects like training journal and synchronizing with social media. The programmers, in addition to these features, are trying to develop new features for the platform of Sport tracker applications. Windows Phone format creates it simple and well-organized for single function by fitness fans and sportspersons.

This Sports Tracker application covers all sports events reverse to 2004, developed by Nokia launched in 2007, by trio making it spinning to develop into free within 2009. There was a remarkable opportunity to analysis Nokia Sports Tracker during 2008 at what time the N82 and Sports Tracker was being tested in Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai and Indian marketplaces. It was really wonderful daily and there are so a lot of loving recollections from that.
After releasing during 2007 by Nokia, this Tracker had become a fashionable application among billions of users. Finally the team developed the Sports Tracker; some companies captured the development as an offshoot from Nokia during 2009. After then they’ve invented many applications for all Nokia platform.

Mr Huhtala said: “If you have some preceding experience in programming with some MS tools, then Windows Phone is extremely aggressive platform for cell phone application development. The similar development programs can be utilized in programming for cell phones and it is very simple and quick to increase the tempo of application development”

To have fun, Sports Tracker would be releasing a contest on their Facebook to prevail Lumia 800. Sports Tracker has the personal website. You can look into further fitness applications designed for Windows Phone.
You can locate more information about marketplace from Windows Phone marketplace.

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