New Nokia Windiows Phones Coming to USA

New Nokia Windiows Phones Coming to USA

Recently, Nokia released its Press invites for their event that would take place at CES in Las Vegas next month. While it is still a suspense as to what they would reveal in the upcoming 45-minute Press event, rumors have it that there might an announcement regarding release of an AT&T device based on Windows Phone OS. The device is said to be Nokia 900 Ace, having a 4.3’ display and featuring LTE.

The announcement, would be a great news in Windows mobile industry and for Nokia; with both requiring public attention at present. Launching under AT&T would be of great benefit for both companies. The greatest beneficieries here would then be the customers who would get a real classy Windows Phones that can stand in competition with iPhone and Android. Rumors have it that Nokia have really made high-end efforts to release these devices in the US mobile market; especially after the launch of the Nokia Lumnia 710 and “rolling thunder” oftheir media campaign.


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