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WP7: Can You Say ‘Game Phone’?

With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has pushed gaming as one of the premiere functions of the platform. The sleek interface and universal UI are obviously the most visually prominent feature, but when it comes to selling points, gaming is still supreme. Microsoft has made it a point to push Windows Phone 7 as a gaming platform and offered full Xbox Live integration on all Windows Phone 7 devices. This isn’t exclusive to their top-tier devices either, as Xbox Live integration is available even to free cell phones that are available with 2-year agreements.

With this in mind, you’re no doubt interested in being able to add games to your phone. There are a few games pre-loaded on most devices, but to really experience the full breadth of what Windows Phone 7 has to offer, you’ll want to add more to it. The most obvious place to go to add new games to your Windows phone is to use the Marketplace. From your main screen, just tap the right arrow in the upper-right corner of your screen. Scroll through the list of apps and games until you see Marketplace, and tap that. From there, you can just search for whatever game you’re looking for.

If, for some reason, you don’t want to add games on your phone, you can always access the Marketplace via the web. Browsing is admittedly easier on a computer monitor than a 4-inch screen, and it makes lengthy browsing sessions easier. This is especially true in the case of some free cell phones with slower processors. Once you find something you want to install, there are two ways to add it to your phone. The first is to select it in the web Marketplace, and have a text sent to your phone with a download link. The other is to enable remote downloads on your device, which will let the games automatically install to your device.

Either of these methods will be suitable, and you’ll be able to enjoy everything from niche games such as Mahjong to popular titles such as Angry Birds. Best of all, lots of games offer achievement points for Xbox Live. Just search for what you’re looking for, and enjoy gaming instantly on your Windows device!


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