Chris Weber Interview: Why Lumia’s A Hit?

Chris Weber Interview: Why Lumia’s A Hit?

President of Nokia US Mr. Chris Weber in his intervieve for Nokia Conversations blog talked about: Why Lumia’s a hit?

  • He talked about features of Lumia, different from competition like clear black display Nokia music Nokia’s amazing industrial design.  Specially WP which are different from IOS and Android
  • He talked more about WP and its specialty.
  • He did not say much but He indicated about more electrifying announcement in near future on addition and products

At last he revealed many things where he stated that he amazed and overwhelmed with the kind of support from other carriers are offering. He also mentioned that this is the start of the journey with new product portfolio with Lumia 710.

He states that “We like to call our Windows Phone Portfolio rollout “rolling thunder”. What this means is that we will have many announcements extended throughout the coming months that will offer something for everyone”

Mr. Cheff also mentioned that Nokia is working to participate and win in marathon not in sprint and projected Nokia as major player for next year.



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