WPDev Feedback App for Developers

WPDev Feedback App for Developers

There is very interesting app that is launched by Microsoft. The main purpose of this application is providing a standard platform to developers to submit their feedbacks more effectively and easily. If you wished to be included at some features in Windows Phone and you would like to deliver ideas to the developers of Windows Phone, then here is an app to make submit votes and suggestions. Android and iOS does not provide such a facility.
It is called WPDev Feedback app enables the Window Phone application developing platform to get the comments and question from users. There is WPDev UserVoice forum to provide suggestions. This application regularly assessed and monitored by Windows Phone app developer’s team, having a great source of feedback that helps them to make future product planning and to know how the general users are using the platform of Windows Phone. All feedbacks and questions are considered seriously here.

Main Features:

  • WPDev Feedback app makes connect the Windows Phone with the WPDev UserVoice forum (http://wpdev.uservoice.com)
  • Keep up to date about new app platform facilities and aspects
  • Explore current threads (can be categorize according to top idea, hot idea, new idea, and your idea)
  • Allow to post the message against any submitted thread
  • Allow to vote the existing threads

Keep in mind that this app is not in support of end users but developers that have particular skills they desire or require to develop great applications for Windows Phone. Here is one aspect more that all messages are scanned by moderator accordingly they will not allow any one to post any thing like spam or robotic requests either. Some peoples think that WPDev UserVoice forum is a worthless tool to use for developers and a smart scheme by Microsoft to carry on their immense communication with the developer’s community. You can check it out here.


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