Lumia App #15: mindmymotor

Lumia App #15: mindmymotor

Cars’ or vehicles’  getting fined, ticketed, clamped, or towed is something familiar when it comes to traffic. The problem is that in many cases the fines are just unfair. That is why we need MindMyMotor. This application is an easy-to-install application that is used to remind the car users about perils that they can deal with.
It is simple how this application works. When a registered user of this application see another user’s dealing with the traffic warden, he will alert all registered users within 50 meter radius. This will reduce the chance of getting involved with the same trouble. And that is how you can avoid unfair fines.
App price: £0.99


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  1. Jack Delor says:

    Well worth 99p.

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