Windows Phone Marketplace Now Counting 50,000 Apps

Windows Phone Marketplace Now Counting 50,000 Apps

Just at the start of this month, the Windows phone marketplace touched the 45,000 apps mark. And it has been predicted by AAWP that they would reach the 50,000 landmark by January 2012. However, it looked like Windows phone marketplace decided to achieve this target much sooner; for they touched the 50,000 mark today itself.

The faster growth is the marketplace is being looked upon as a reason for this along with the developers capitalizing on the increased sales of Nokia’s Windows phones all across the world. On the contrary, about 6000 apps were reported not to be available at present and numerous others were not available in certain regions due to some or the other reason, but the speed at which the windows phone marketplace achieved the 50,000 landmark is a whooping 5 months faster than that achieved by Android and about 11 months faster when compared with the Symbian market.

The only issue with the Windows apps is their price which is way above than the ones available in the iOS and Android market. Still, it is good to see such wide choice of apps given to the OS users.



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