gTranslate App: One More Reason to Pack Your N900 on Business Trips

n900 gtranslate app

There is no doubt that you are going to have a laugh once you see the text displayed on the gTranslate App’s translation window. However, you cannot let the feeling to overlook the feature of this wonderful application. It is believed that this translation app can fulfill all your translation requirements without much hassle.
Many of us prefer online translation applications from Google on our pcs and laptops. The feature of this handset is that you get this translation program on your N900. It has been made available to N900 or Maemo 5 users for a long time now. Recently, there have been certain features added to the gTranslate, which has made it more user-friendly.

n900 gtranslate maemo

Changes in the Application
The switch button along with Copy and Paste button, which were not there in the earlier version, are available in the modified form. They will make your task so handy that you would surely wonder why they were not there in the first place. Now, since the developers have included it, you should not let their efforts go to waste and make full use of this change.

n900 google translate

With the latest version of gTranslate already released in the market, you will have an added reason to pack your N900 with you on your leisure and business trips.

Download gTranslate for Maemo


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