Nokia Lumia 710 Displayed on the T-Mobile Website

Nokia Lumia 710 Displayed on the T-Mobile Website

Everyone knows that the Nokia Lumia 710 for T-Mobile is soon to be launched in both, black and white versions. In fact, exact two weeks are left for 11th January 2012 to come and T-Mobile has already displayed this Windows phone with the caption “coming soon”.

Lumia 710 is loaded with features, including 1.4 Ghz CPU, LCD screen of 3.7 inch and low-aperture lens of 5 MP. To add to these, it has got physical buttons that make this phone a nice and reasonable buy overall, when bought on contract at an affordable price of $49.95. This Windows phone is, in fact, among the first ones by Nokia introduced in US and  it is expected to be upstaged by whatever Nokia and AT&T want to display within the same week.

Well, everyone’s waiting for the pre-orders to open and hoping to get their hands on this amazing Windows phone by Nokia as soon as possible.



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