Glimpses of Nokia 900 Show Up with AT&T Branding?

Glimpses of Nokia 900 Show Up with AT&T Branding?

Pocketnow were reported to have pictures from Christmas Card-Microsoft’s partner and the item that is featured is a Nokia device with branding of AT&T-presumed to be Nokia “Ace” 900.
Though, no other information could be extracted out, apart from the fact that it has a front-facing camera, which is now seeming to be imperative for US markets and also for the 2nd-generation Windows phones. This Windows phone is rumored to have a 4.3-inch screen along with AT&T LTE 4G and a few other ample specs; all in all making it a tough competitor for other other Windows phones in US markets. However, it is not yet clear whether this device is a revamped Lumia 800 or a totally new device.
Some more information is expected to be out as the CES comes near where all the information regarding this device is expected to be revealed. The only negative aspect that might be associated with it is the color option. We hope black isn’t the only color option available. A few other interesting colors, like white, blue, red, would make it an interesting buy.



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