More details of Nokia Lumia 900 “Ace” revealed

More details of Nokia Lumia 900 “Ace” revealed

More information has been found out on the upcmong AT&T’s Nokia Ace. The codename of this device has been kept Eloko. Also, it has been confirmed now that it is the Lumia 900 that is to be sold all across the globe under the tag of Nokia’s flagship Windows phone. However, there were slight chances that Lumia 900 would be shipped with the Tango build of the Windows phone 7; it is now made sure the flavor of choice at the release will be Tango only. The main features of this phone shall sound indifferent to Microsoft users: 4.3 inch screen with WVGA display, 512 RAM, 8 MP camera, and a battery of 1830 mAh.

Although, it is certain that this Windows phone will be sold as carrier-locked. Ace, just like most of the recent Nokia handsets, will come with band power of 1700MHZ that is a must for T-Mobile 3G. Thus, it can be imagined that the unlocking of the functionality will be figured out with quickness. Ace weighs 160 grams that is 18 grams heavier than the Lumia 800, mainly due to the combo of LTE radio and a bigger screen. Seeing the dimentions of Ace, we could strike a comparison of this phone with the Lumia 800 using the leaked images of Lumia 900 released in the previous week. Thoug, it wasn’t clear from the leaked images but both the phones have almost similr thickness of round-about 12 mili-metres.
Some more detais are expected to follow at CES, taking place in a few days. Rumors also have it that Nokia will be introducing another mid-range Windows phone over there, the Lumia 719.



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