Windows Phone Update 8107 to Fix Keyboard, Privacy Bug

Windows Phone Update 8107 to Fix Keyboard, Privacy Bug

Last October, there were some issues reported by Windows phone users related to the recent Mango update that was causing a misbehaving on-screen keyboard. It would, all of a sudden, vanish while you’re in the middle of typing something. In fact, it would test out your patience and take time to come out again. However, Microsoft was soon informed about this bug and they were seen to investigate upon the issue and fix it in the coming Windows phone update. And its finally out; took three months for them to fix it and release the fix as part of the Windows phone build 8107.79.
As expected, the main highlight of this update is the keyboard fix. Microsoft reported that this update would prevent the on-screen keyboard from dissapearing while the user types, but does not mention about the keyboard not showing up at all initially. Considering the time that Microsoft took to fix the bug, you can only be optimistic that the unmentioned issue is also solved along.
In addition to the keyboard bug, Microsoft also closed down the location-disclosing privacy hole that was popping-up in Mango. This was another problem that Windows phone users had reported about after the initial problem with the camera app. Now, the Me feature within the People Hub would send anonymous information through cell towers and nearby accesible WI-FI points to Microsoft but only if the user agrees to allow the Check In function so as to use the location information. In addition, the update is also reported to resolve an email issue related to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. With this update, the original message would not be included when you respond to or forward a message. Moreover, a voicemail notification issue is also fixed.
Apart from these two main fixes, the update is also said to resolve a Gmail syncing issue
Up till now, about 8,107 has been seen to go out to LG Optimus 7 users with Vodafone network in Europe. Wait till it also comes to the rest of the Windows-based phones in coming time.

Update: This update still doesn’t fix privacy bugs. :(



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