Indian Vodafone, Airtel To Give Free 2GB 3G Data with Nokia Lumia Phones

Indian Vodafone, Airtel To Give Free 2GB 3G Data with Nokia Lumia Phones

Vodafone India and Nokia have tied up to provide the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 buyers with 2GB of 3G data for four months. The same tie up of Nokia has also taken place with Airtel.
The move has specifically taken place to increase the sales of the recently launched phones based on windows operating system 7.5.
Nokia Lumia selling at Rs.20,000 while Nokia Lumia 800 is being sold at Rs.30,000. Anyone who is interested in availing the offer can visit any nearby Vodafone Stores, Airtel Stores or Nokia outlet and buy any of these phones from there. In fact, even the existing users of Vodafone and Airtel can benefit from this offer.
However, on the whole, this offers didn’t seem to be something new or exciting, as almost every network has a tie up with some or the other mobile company to provide such offers. for instance, Tata Docomo is offering similar offers with Blackberry Curve, Sony Erricson Xperia Arc S and many others.
Vodafone also has a tie up with HTC Explorer phone where they are offering twice the 3G data than what the users pay for. In fact, you’ll find numerous handsets of Nokia, Blackberry and Samsung at Vodafone Stores with free 3G data ranging from 1GB to 3GB.
Airtel also provides a similar offer with certain Beetal handsets, such as the Magiq tablet, where they are offering free 2GB data for two months. The offer is the same for Nokia N8 as well.
Thus, the offer might not sound to be unique but it will surely increase the phones’ visibility at the Vodafone and Airtel Stores and the same is sure to be converted into increased sales as well.



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